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Paradigm Palliative Care Program

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with a serious illness with frequent trips to the ER and several hospital stays over the past year, palliative care might have been suggested to you. This specialized care can help while working with the care provided by your primary care physician. Read through the following questions to learn more about when palliative care is a good choice.

What diagnosis does the Paradigm Program treat?

Palliative care can be the right option for a person who has one or more serious illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, heart disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), emphysema, kidney or liver failure.

When is the right time to begin services?

Palliative care can begin at anytime after a diagnosis of a serious illness and continue with curative treatment. It actually offers a lot of benefits to start sooner to enhance the quality of life for the person and their family.

What symptoms does it treat and what services does it provide?

Care is designed to address pain and distressing physical symptoms that include shortness of breath, nausea, lack of appetite, difficulties sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, depression and constipation. It is also helpful to persons in establishing goals of care, knowing what to expect and to set priorities that are clearly acknowledged by all clinicians.

Who will be providing palliative care at Nivalis Health?

A Nurse Practitioner will visit to address pain and symptoms. Other specially trained members of the team depending on the individual need could include an RN, licensed social worker, chaplain or volunteer.

Is the Paradigm Palliative Care Program covered by insurance?

There is no charge for visits by any of the team members except the Nurse Practitioner. Most insurance plans, Medicare Part B and Medicaid cover all or part of the care by the NP.

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